Team 2202 BEAST Robotics is kicking off the school year by participating in the RoboFest with area teams at this weekends Harvest Fest at the State Fair Grounds. photo

RoboFest is a weekend festival that celebrates science, technology, engineering, and math. Part of the event is a robotics competition, part of the event is exhibitions by local groups, universities, and businesses. Interactive exhibits give visitors a hands-on look at what STEM is all about. The Ultimate Ascent competition will be played all day on Saturday

Saturday September 28th
7:30 Robot Drop
8:30 Practice
9:30 Opening
12:00 Lunch
2:15 Alliance Selections
5:00 Tournament end and load out

The event will be held in Wisconsin Expo Center Hall A at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.

Come see the Ultimate Ascent robot compete one more time before the next challenge starts in January – only 102 days until Kick off!