Team 2202


What is FIRST?

FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and

Technology.” FIRST, founded by Dean Kamen, is commited to spreading

interest in science and technology, especially for the younger generations.

FIRST also promotes the values of gracious professionalism, teamwork, critical

thinking, and hard work. For more information on the message of FIRST, visit


Is this “Battle Bots?”

No. FIRST Robotics is about cooperation, friendly competition, and gracious

professionalism. We are here to promote technological interest while having

fun. If your intent is to witness some “Transformers” kind of thing,

your skills will be best committed elsewhere.


What will this year’s challenge be?

Every year, the challenge for the season will be announced on the first Saturday of

January during the FIRST Robotics kickoff. Prior to that date, no team will

know the challenge. We will meet at WCTC for the kick off party and watch the live feed

on this year’s challenge.


How often do you meet?

Before the kickoff, we meet once a week to train, prepare, organize, and perform other

important pre-season tasks. Once build season begins, we meet 4 days a week or

more for several hours at a time, so being on the team is a significant



When/Where is the competition?

Over past years, BEAST Robotics has competed in the Wisconsin Regional at the UWM

Panther’s Arena (formerly US Cellular Arena) in Milwaukee. We have also participated

in the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, MN, the Championships at St. Louis, MO, and

Crossroads Regional at Terre Haute, IN. 


How does the robot get there?

At the end of the build season, the robot is bagged and tagged. The team no longer

sends the robot like in the previous years, but instead, take it along with them.

The robot is inspected once we arrive at competition to make sure no one has

tampered with it since Stop Build.


When do you finish?

The robot must be finished on Stop Build. Every robot must be in the bag and

tagged before a certain date and time to make sure that no team gets more time

to design and construct their robot. From there it travels with the team to the



How do you get to Nationals?

In the qualifying rounds, the robots are teamed up randomly for each game. Each

team will have three robots competing in the arena for that game. After the

qualifying rounds, the 8 best teams will choose from the other robots to form

their 3-team alliance. In the elimination rounds, the robots will play off, and

the winning alliance of the elimination rounds go to the championships.

Another way to get to nationals is to win the Chairman’s Award, given to the

team that best represents the goals of FIRST.


What will I do? What jobs are available?

There is always something that needs to be done. The mechanical sub-team is

responsible for creating a design plan, developing prototypes, testing ideas,

and constructing the robot. The electrical sub-team wires the motors, switches,

computers, and other devices on the robot. The programming team creates code

(C++) for the robot. Other jobs include business, social media, awards, team

promotion, finding sponsors, updating the website, keeping records, photography, etc.


I don’t want to build, are there other jobs I can do?

Yes. Besides design and construction, other jobs include programming, marketing,

photography, documenting, promotion, and website improvement. Regardless of

your interests, BEAST Robotics is likely to have a job for you.


Who can I talk to for more information on BEAST Robotics?

For information on who to contact, visit the “Contact Us” page. You can

also contact us at *protected email* to learn more about FIRST and the BEAST

Robotics team.