FIRST Robotics in Elmbrook

 FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” FIRST, founded by Dean Kamen, is committed to spreading interest in science and technology, especially among students. FIRST also promotes the values of gracious professionalism, teamwork, critical thinking, and hard work. For more information on the message of FIRST, visit

All levels of FIRST are represented in the Elmbrook School District.

First Lego League

FIRST Lego League (FLL)

FIRST LEGO League uses fun, hands-on learning to introduce science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to students in PreK-8th Grade. Participants gain real-world problem-solving experiences through a guided, global robotics program, helping today’s students and teachers build a better future together.

Interested in joining FIRST Lego League?

Learn more at We have teams active at every elementary and middle school in the Elmbrook School District.

Contact BEAST or Judy Scaro at Wisconsin Hills Middle School to connect with a team!

First Tech Challenge

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

FIRST Tech Challenge welcomes students in grades 7-12, and guides them as they learn to think like engineers. Robots are built from a reusable platform, powered by Android technology, and can be coded using a variety of levels of Java-based programming.

Interested in joining FIRST Tech Challenge?

Learn more at

Elmbrook FTC teams:


First Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

Under strict rules and limited time and resources, teams of high school students are challenged to build industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game in alliance with other teams, while also fundraising to meet their goals, designing a team “brand,” and advancing respect and appreciation for STEM within the local community.

Learn more about FIRST Robotics Competition.