Welcome to FIRST Team 2202!

FIRST Robotics is a unique “varsity sport of the mind” where students are pushed to further their knowledge of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Our team works to design and build a robot to compete in FIRST events.

FIRST instills real-world professional experience and lifelong skills such as teamwork, gracious professionalism, and coopertition (a combination of cooperation and competition between teams).

There’s a job for everyone in this exceptionally fun learning environment!

Feeling Hungry? Here Are Our Sub-Teams.


Learn to Write the Code that Powers the Robot.

The programming team emphasizes the code that powers the robots every season. Although these members don’t construct the physical components of the robot, they play one of the team’s most vital roles: controlling the mechanical movements of parts. Our programming code is written in C++, a coding language you will become familiar with if you join the programming team. This team is open to anyone who has had past experience with C++ as well as those who haven’t coded at all and are willing to learn.


Business and Marketing

Learn how to approach businesses for sponsorships, how to write awards and grants submissions, how to make an impact on the community, and how to sell the ‘product’ we create in FIRST. The business team teaches members the importance of “business language” when writing these important documents. This group controls Team 2202’s funding for parts, equipment, transportation, and planning of future events. Although the business team doesn’t interact directly with the robots (for the most part), it assists the team in the aspects of communication, awareness, and marketing.


Controls Team

Learn how to strip, replace, and wire the control components of the robot. The controls team focuses on the electrical and energy sources of the robot itself. These sources are essential for the movement and power of the robot, and every single mechanical movement of the robot requires them. The controls team welcomes incoming members of all skill levels in mechanical work, with experienced mentors to help guide their way.


Mechanical Team

Learn to design, prototype, and build a robot! The mechanical team mainly works on creating prototype designs and functions that are considered for the final design of the robot. Mechanical team jobs include tool work as well as planning of designs intended for specific functions. Members of this team are very important in the initial steps of planning, especially after the kickoff. All who are interested in building and planning designs are welcome!


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