Environmental Sustainability Grant

In 2020, BEAST offered Green Initiative Grants of $250-500 to teams attending the same regionals. Our goal is to encourage FRC teams to pursue environmentally sustainable projects with this funding. Teams submitted applications and winners were congratulated in the pit.

Congratulations to Team 5653 Iron Mosquitos


We partner with a local community college to provide them with aluminum for their sand casting. The iron goes to a local scrap yard. We would like to purchase proper containers and clearly label them in our robotics space. It is a shared space with classes during the school day at times. The scrap material bins get confused for trash and some students do not notice the difference between aluminum and steel. It needs sorting often. Also, we notice some material ends up in the trash because students forget there is a recycle can. If there was extra money, we would purchase some aluminum recycling containers for around the school. We currently have general containers at school, but those are for everything from paper to plastic and metal. Aluminum specific containers could help the students that collect and sort the containers a couple times a month.

Team 5653

Iron Mosquitos

Congratulations to Team 7068 Mechanical Masterminds


We are looking at ways to enhance the community garden in our area, along with at each school. This would allow us to teach younger generations about the environment and reducing waste. We currently have six schools in our district and only two currently have gardens. There are courtyard areas within each school that we think would be a great place to plant gardens and allow for a great educational program within the district and each school.

Team 7068

Mechanical Masterminds

BEAST Strives for Environmental Sustainability

The team works to recycle materials, host annual e-cycle events in our community to collect e-junk and installed solar panels on a mentor’s property to charge the batteries used in our tools.