Over the past few weeks, our team has learned about safety and prepared for the upcoming building season. When we split into groups, some of us work on the mechanical part of robots, and the others on the business part of the team, each as important as the other. So far we have made good progress towards everyone getting to know each other, and giving a warm welcome to the recruits still joining our ranks.

The mechanical group is currently working on the chassis, or frame of the robot, that will use 6 wheels and hopefully improve the speed of our previous robot. Our business team is working on writing this blog, creating pamphlets and other marketing materials, and robot descriptions for our website.

In two weeks, we will be hosting an open house, which we hope you and your family can attend.  It will be November 12, 2013. The parents meeting will be right at 7; you must bring your registration forms found here – https://www.beastrobotics.com/2013-2014-registration-forms/


The image to the right is an example of a chassis with six wheels: