B’East alumni have gone on to success at universities and companies all over the United States. Such as…

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What are some of Team 2202’s Alumni doing in 2012?

Dan M.:   I’m currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison pursuing a double major in Astronautics and Physics. Last summer I interned with The Boeing Company at Marshall Space Flight Center working on Robotic Weld Development for what is now NASA’s ‘Space Launch Systems’ project.
I have been involved with Wisconsin Robotics since my freshman year (UW Madison’s Robotics Team) and led the team my past two years of school; I led the design of a new vehicle that implemented a fully autonomous drivetrain and vision system. Currently the vehicle (Singularity) competes in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition and has earned 6th place overall in the IGVC’s design competition in it’s rookie appearance.
I also work at a lab on campus (Wisconsin Space Physics) that researches the interstellar medium with an experiment called the ‘X-Ray Calorimeter’ (XQC). My responsibilities include setting up and running various tests on XQC as well as preparing the experiment for flight readiness.

My advice for the team: Do what you like, not what might seem easiest or that will make you the most money. You’ll always be happier in the end.

Chris T: I’m currently a 1st semester senior at Purdue University studying Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering. I have had an internship with Gulfstream and will be having my second one with Boeing. At Purdue, I am Vice President of Aero/Astro Engineering Student Advisory Council, the Social Chairperson of Sigma Gamma Tau, and the Freshmen Tutoring Chairperson of Tau Beta Pi.
I would like to encourage potential members to join because it opens up so many doors and you can stay involved at the college level. It helped when trying to find a college and an internship.

Nick S: I’m in the navy. My job is a mechanical operator of the nuclear plants on the ship. Just got orders to the USS Carl Vinson out of San Diego.

Brandan S:I attend Waukesha County Technical College for Automotive Technician. I’ve always been one to work with my hands, and I’ve always loved working in my garage in the off season on my cars, so I got into the repair business. In my free time, I’ve been restoring a 1979 ford ltd (literally a barn find) and fixing up my 1990 s10. I’ve also been restoring antique outboards I’ve come across. I have a model railroad in construction in my basement, and I railfan on most weekends.

I really loved the whole robotics experience, and I feel it has really prepared me for life after high school more than high school ever did. I can relate heavily with my job (long hours, occasional arguments about how to solve something, doughnuts on Saturday mornings) and I really enjoyed how everybody got their say in the general meetings. I was never great in school, but robotics was always something I could look forward to Wednesday nights.
Plan to spend a lot of time with robotics. Try not to miss any meetings, because it really throws off the whole team, and then you have to play catch-up with what you’ve missed. Really commit yourselves to the program.

Goutham: I am currently at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Computer Engineering. Robotics was a blast for the 3 years I did it. I learned a lot about team work and how to code in C++. My advice to new members is not be scared of trying it out. It is a lot of fun and I didn’t know much when I joined either. Try it out for a year and I bet you will come back the following year.

Sydney: I’m currently a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University studying Biomedical Engineering (specializing in Systems Biology) with a Mathematics minor. I also do research through Hopkins Hospital in their orthopedics department. On campus, I’m an engineering ambassador, as well as one of the representatives for admissions (check out my blog here: http://blogs.hopkins-interactive.com/sydney/). I’m really glad I was a part of robotics because it gave me a glimpse as to what engineering really is. I highly recommend joining!

Lane: Currently a Junior at Purdue University studying Industrial Engineering with a Management minor. Last summer I had an internship with GE Healthcare implementing Lean concepts into one of their X-Ray manufacturing lines. Interesting fact is that one of my FIRST Robotics advisers, Eleanor, ended up being my interviewer for the position. That was awesome! Next summer, I will be returning to work for GE Healthcare and I will be applying to work there full-time after graduation.

To current and future students: Learn as much as you can and ask for people to show you how to work different machines or aspects of the robot. I knew nothing about mechanics or industrial machines going into the season, but I learned so much in one season.

Austin C:I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay going for a BS in Environmental Science and Biology. I’m also working with engineering professors in using a total system to map out the topography of the Mahon Tree plot on campus.
I loved working with the Robotics team even though I am one of the few members that did not go into engineering or computer programming. I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in FIRST robotics.

Erik L: I’m currently at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN. I’m a sophomore going for a BS in Computer Engineering, a certificate in Robotics, and a minor in Spanish. I work with the school’s Intelligent Ground Vehicle team, where we design a robot that navigates an obstacle-ridden course without our assistance, using LIDARs and such.
To current and future students: FIRST is what solidified my confidence that I was going to go into the field of engineering. Keep with it. Also, be sure to check your college for FIRST scholarships; you may be surprised with what you may find.