What sort of life skills can you learn by being a part of BEAST Robotics? Apparently, all the best ones, like how to build your own gaming chair for the fraction of the cost of buying one.

You heard me right. It’s pretty incredible too.

A BEAST alum from two seasons ago, Kyle, recently shared some pictures of a project he’s been working on. Kyle, a sophomore at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and employee at Engineering Specialists, spent some time building his own gaming chair last summer to pass the time. He and another BEAST alum friend, Jason, worked to imitate a chair Jason bought.

Kyle “started by coming up with a few random ideas and constructing the cardboard prototype,” just like our Kick Off brainstorming and prototyping sessions in the school workshop.

chair prototype

The cardboard prototype

The chair has a wrap around head rest with speakers and some advanced wiring to connect the speakers throughout. The construction process began shortly after the prototype was solidified:

chair in pieces

Chair in pieces


Outlet and speakers on the base



chair wood

Completed chair piece

After the base chair was complete, the intricate wiring of the speakers and subwoofers began:

                  speaker                        guts

Then the chair needed some upholstery since style is important and wins you awards in FIRST:

stage 2

And here’s the finished product:

finished chair

Kyle claims it cost him less than $100 to build the chair, though he already owned a lot of the parts.

So what are the specs? According to Kyle:

  • Two car speakers in the headrest
  • 12 inch sub woofer in the base
  • The headrest speakers have separate amplifiers with volume, base, and treble
  • The entire chair is controlled with a pod to manage the volume and base

Using the brainstorming, construction, and electrical skills developed in FIRST Robotics, Kyle managed to create a really impressive piece. Pretty amazing, Kyle – have fun gaming in your new chair!