Welcome to the final full week of Build Season, B’east fans! We have “stop build” date next week Tuesday the 21st.

Happy Valentine’s Day! – Thanks for the cookies, Mrs. Fassbender!


 We are mostly done with the sub-systems of the robot and are in the process of getting it to all work together – the major challenge we have this week is to get our weight down to 120lbs.  We are currently at 135!

This Sunday 2/19 there will be a Mini-Regional competition at Sussex Hamilton High School from 12-4.  The mini regional is a great way for us to see how the robot will perform on the playing field and we’re looking forward to seeing what the other teams have innovated.  



After Feb 21st, we will continue to meet to prepare for the Wisconsin Regional March 22-24, but the meeting schedule will be reduced to every Wednesday night (6:30) and Saturdays as needed.

It has been a busy, fun and hectic build season.  Thanks to all the parents who have been helping out.  Wish us luck this week!