During the final week of build season, the mechanical team:
  • Added supports for the shooter
  • Integrated sub-devices into one robot
  • Simplified the robot brackets and joints with simpler methods
  • Finished the wiring and pneumatic systems
  • Reduced the weight of the robot
  • Modified the shooter wheels

Finalizing the Robot

It was not easy having so little time, and having only a few people able to work on the robot at the same time. Nevertheless, the team was able to get everything working. It’s now down to the programmers to get the robot up and running.

Even mentors need a break sometimes…

This week, the programming team:

  • Finished the deadzone value scaling class
  • Completed and debugged the robot
  • Created state machine for primary robot functions

Working on the Website

The mini-regional hosted at Sussex by FIRST team 537.

We will soon find out how our robot stacks up against other robots.

Also, Justin and Bryan sold the most raffle tickets to support our team. They both won gift cards for iTunes, and Bryan got some bling. Great job!

Bryan with his Bling