Through our years of competition, FIRST Team 2202 has been partnered and allied with many teams. We’d like to recognize some of those teams here, whom we consider excellent competitiors and the teams that consistently push us to be our best.


 Marquette Hilltoppers – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A team from the heart of Milwaukee, the Hilltoppers are consistently a great team at the Wisconsin Regional Competition. They recently designed their website, also.

Check them out here.


Charger Robotics – Sussex, Wisconsin

One of the older teams in the region, FIRST Team 537 from Sussex Hamilton helped us gain traction our first year and provided invaluable help. They also offer a mini-regional practice event the week of stop-build each year, providing a chance to utilize a full size practice field. We thank them for the efforts and continued gracious professionalism!


C.O.R.E. 2062 – Waukesha, Wisconsin

FIRST Robotics is about more than the robot. It’s also about networking and friendships. Our team has friends on C.O.R.E. 2062 from Waukesha and we admire their hardwork. We took inspiration from their award winning website while starting our redesign this year.

Check them out here.


Pius XI – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A proud moment for any veteran team is when they can offer help to a FIRST rookie. One of our mentors, Eric Eggers, left to launch a team at his Alma Mater Pius XI High School in Milwaukee. We showed the team around our shop, invited them to attend a pre-build season meeting, and have been following their progress all season. We’re excited to see how far they’ve come at the Regional.


Windermere Prepartory School – Windermere, Florida

FIRST Team 1649 down in Sunny Florida has put together a fantastic map titled “Where in the world is FIRST?” and pinpoints each location of every FIRST Team!

Follow the link to see their map and please link back to it for them!