On November 3rd, B’East Robotics volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Despite the cold (but sunny!) weather, it was an amazing experience. Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds houses for less fortunate people who cannot afford it on their own.

The families must have a certain income level and donate 250 hours of volunteering as a “down payment” on their houses.

The dedicated full time volunteers were inspiring with their will to work and teach us whatever we needed to know. We jumped right in and did everything we could do to help build a new beautiful two-family home.


Mr. Oakes and Mr. Obermann worked to resize the window holes for the right size windows.

















Ed and Tommy worked hard using the pick ax and shovels to dig out an emergency escape from the basement rooms.

Then Kenton, Debby, Hannah, and Mr. Oakes helped to build retaining walls. While they worked on one side, Tommy and Ed worked on the other.



THANK YOU to everyone who came out to volunteer your time. We had a lot of fun and are planning to participate in Habitat for Humanity again in the Spring after build season.

Special thanks to Hannah for taking pictures and writing about the day!