Brookfield East High School Robotics Club  Safety

Keeping It Safe

During the process of building a robot, we have the opportunity to use many types of new and old technologies, tools, and building techniques. Although many of the machines and tools we work with are easy or just downright fun to use, there is always an element of hazard involved, especially when making that late night coffee run. To help minimize the chance that someone will be injured here are a few tips to protect you.

  • Wear eye protection! This one is the most important of all. Hence it is first. By wearing eye protection you protect your eyes from many flying projectiles such as metal shavings, saw dust, sparks, spittle from an angry and frustrated mentor, and other mini hazards. Plus they make you look cool.
  • Be aware of your surroundings! If you spend all your time looking at that cute girl building the robot’s frame you might catch the back swing of your buddy’s hammer in the shoulder. Every now and then look around and make sure everything is all right before you resume working.
  • Don’t bite off more that you can chew! If you think you might need help, you do. Your mentor does not want to take you to the ER because you dropped a rather heavy tool chest on your foot.
  • Pay attention to what you are doing! A successfully built robot will have moving parts. It would be a shame to jam your finger in a gear and break the motor, not to mention that your finger will smart.
  • Brookfield East Robotics Club Safety

    Safety First!

  • Slow down! Even though you only have six weeks to get this done, drilling that hole faster won’t help that much. Imagine the time delay if someone drilled into them themselves.
  • Remain calm! Frustration is a big part of this challenge and it will cause you to make mistakes. Take a break and get some fresh air. Your team will prefer you happily and maybe badly singing a tune while you work rather than throwing tools.
  • Know what you doing! If you don’t get it, how can you do it right? This is especially true with machines and tools. Ask for help or have someone else do it for you. It is better to feel stupid now than look stupid once you return from the ER.
  • Look out for each other! If someone is doing something that can result in injury, Please stop him or her. Your mentors will appreciate this.