For the BEAST Robotics team, these past few weeks have been full of prototyping, testing, and fun! Our season has been off to a strong start, despite two snow storms!

All Subteams are deep in the process of creating and testing their prototypes. The Strategy Subteam led our initial brainstorming and helped to determine the direction the team wanted to take in regard to our robot abilities. The Field Subteam built an entire field (!!!) so the team can test our prototypes.

The Mechanical Subteam has created two prototypes to test different mechanisms. One prototype is testing different shooting mechanisms and the mechanics of wheel speed and spacing. The prototype is still in its early stages, but its handling of the note is promising due to its larger surface area. The second Mechanical Subteam prototype has created a mechanism to move notes into the shooter wheels of the shooter. This prototype is also in its early stages of testing and has had a promising start!

Dean’s List Semi-Finalists

As a FIRST Robotics team, we are happy to recognize two members of the team as our Dean’s List Semi-finalists this year, Noah Ren and Riyana Expedith! These two students exemplify both leadership and dedication, and we look forward to watching them advance.

Noah Ren

  • Years on the team: 3
  • Biggest accomplishment from the team: Being elected team co-captain!
  • Favorite memory of the team: When he accidentally broke the arm of last year’s robot and was able to fix it on his own

Riyana Expedith

  • Years on the team: 3
  • Biggest accomplishment from the team: Being nominated for the Dean’s List!
  • Favorite memory from the team: Going to her first World’s competition as a freshman.

Staying Focused, Having Fun

Below are some fun photos of the different subteams working diligently…or not so diligently…these past few weeks!

Field Subteam

Programming Subteam

Strategy Subteam