This week, the team accomplished the following:

  • Created an operational chassis
  • Tested the launcher, we currently have 70% accuracy at close range
  • Created a debouncer for the xbox controller
  • Worked on designs to improve launcher accuracy
  • Created a mechanism to traverse the bridges and barrier
  • Begun work on a feeder/loading mechanism

Ball in mid flight...

 This week, the shooting team continued to make adjustments and has made progress on improving the accuracy of their design. They began by mounting the shooter in order to have a fixed angle. They are currently working on the barrel and experimenting with different combinations of motor speed, angle, and distance from the hoop.

Meanwhile, the team working on the lift has begun the assembly process, and should have a working lift by the end of the week.

The chassis team has continued to work on concepts to navigate the barrier and bridge, preferably with the same mechanism.


Machining the robot

This is the halfway point in build season, and there is still a lot of work to get done. We anticipate that there will be extra meetings as we approach the ship date. We’ll keep you posted.